Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GreenTea Delight ^^

Specially made this for one of my work colleague - Erjan
I dont really do much greentea cakes as I am really not a fan of greentea.
I do like greentea but not as much as others do:)

This cake has 3 layers of greentea sponge with chocolate ganache and red bean sandwiched in between of each layer,
covered with greentea cream then decorated with fresh cream,
bits of greentea powder dusted and chocolate buttons :)
I hope he will like the taste of the cake, enjoy Erjan!

Monday, June 18, 2012

2 tiers cake for parents 33rd anniversary, pink flowers theme with handcrafted figurines :)

Congratulation to bobby's parent for their 33rd anniversary, how sweet :)
This is my first 2 tiers cake, such a great challenge ^^

This is made of chocolate mudcake with 8'' base and 7'' top.

Phew luckily the cake come out great and within my expectation :)

2 butterflies are added when I touch up the cake :)

The hardest part in making this cake is to deliver the cake, I am so worry that the flowers gonna fall off and the figurines are gonna shake.

Glue them 2 days before, so everything is firm and stable ^^

I also did extra cookies for them as a little gift :)

Hope they will love the cake.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Captain "E" Helmet Cake and Cookies for Ethan's 5th Big Day

My first time making such a great challenge - a semi sphere cake (half cut egg shape)
Actually I am working 5 days in a week now, so barely can squeeze any time to make orders especially fondant cake.
But I still try my best to reach my customer's needs, I know I will be able to learn a lot too from here hehe

Elaine specially design this cake and ask me to make it for his son's 5th birthday.
A very simple design but will show lots of mistake if procedure is not done correctly.
10'' chocolate mud cake with ganache filling and thin layer of fondant.

Well, the hardest part of making this cake is when covering the cake with fondant because of the round surface makes it to have lots of wrinkle and imperfection.
So I have to cover the ugly part with some decoration and ribbon keke

An additional exception that I also make him 25 pieces of cookies, my first batch of fondant cookies actually :p
I am pretty happy with the results actually. What do you think?
I think the next cookies order will be much much better :)

Guess what this cake is so heavy like around 3-4 Kilo due to the weight of mudcake, ganache and fondant.
Good thing is they all like my cake and cookies,  I think this order is worth of my time making it  along with another 2 cake orders this week :p
Happy Birthday Ethan! Hope you will love this cake :)