Saturday, September 17, 2011

Deep Fried Calamari (Sotong Goreng)

I am doing some experience with this crispy squid.
The one I have in OLDTOWN before is very yummy,
crispy and taste just nice!
You will need some squid tubs,
Cut them into ring,
not too thin and not too thick :)
Rinse them with water, then strain away any excess water.
The spices that I use are almost the same with the one I used in my American Fried Chicken.
Bit of turmeric powder,  paprika powder, pepper, salt,  sugar.
This time I put Around 2 tsp of 
curry powder into to give more colour and taste!
Remember to put more salt as
the squid itself is tasteless, you want to taste
something savoury in your squid other than the spices :) 

Mix them all up, and you will 
get yellowish colour like my picture.
The smell would not be pleasant until its cooked!
I marinate the squid for around 2-3 hours just to let all the flavour
soak into the squid.
If you don't marinate it, squid itself would be tasteless.
Then, dip the into plain flour, 
get all of the area covered with flour,
tap off excess flour and deep fry them into pot of hot oil (160 degrees celcius) until golden brown.
They must be covered with flour (look powdery) or
else you wont get nice and crispy shell 
There you go, calamari is served :)

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