Monday, September 12, 2011

Warm Chocolate Fondant with Fresh Strawberries

I got this recipe from the master chef website.
For those who interested can go and search for this recipe as it is quite simple yet delicious!

The soft hearted chocolate is coming out!
You have to grease you ramekin with butter first, then dust with cocoa powder.
I also put a square baking paper that been greased with butter on top of the
cocoa powder, just to prevent in case you can't get out the fondant!

Mixing the eggs and sugar until it is pale and fluffy is the important part as
you need to retain the volume as best as you can.


Preferably smaller size ramekin is suggested so that it can cooke through, and there will be less
filling in the centre which will prevent it from collapsing when you get it out from the ramekin later.
And I also suggest to bake it for at least 10-15 minutes so that the crust will form around the edge
and you will be able to get the fondant out of the ramekin more easily without any mess.
The recipe say bake for 8 minutes, but I think for the oven at home we need to bake it longer.
Enjoy ^^

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