Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crispy Prawn Balls stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese

I got this idea of deep frying the prawn ball that coated with bread crumbs,
but with only prawn it looks too simple.
So I decided to add something that everyone love > MOZARRELLA CHEEZZ
With some lemon juice that squeezed on the top, this little prawn balls
become so appetising that you would not even care its a deep fried stuff!
Look at the cheese that melting all the way in the middle of the ball!

And of course, I will provide the recipe with no exact amount of ingredients ok?
Everything is measured according to feeling!
Minced prawn
Flour (ratio is around 1/5-1/4 to the quantity of the prawn)
Bread crumb
Parsley Flakes
Mozzarella Cheese
Salt, Pepper and Sugar to taste

You can either mince up your prawn with knife or using chopper/ food processor.
Once you done with the mincing, mix it with flour.
If you want more prawn taste, do not put too much flour,
if this doesn't matter to you, you can add more flour.

Then add in salt & pepper (adequate amount) and a teaspoon sugar.
(You have to do this step according to your feel because I don't really measure the amount of seasoning that I put in)
Mix them all together then add in an egg white and mix until well combined.

Then, work on the cheese.
I roll them into a ball so that its easier to stuff it into the prawn meat later
and they won't come off or spreads everywhere.

Next step, you can start doing the ball by stuffing the cheese in the middle.
You might find that the prawn meat is a bit soft to work with,
but its ok as long as you get the cheese covered with the meat properly with no leak
and just shape it into a ball shape (it doesn't have to be too round, try to accept a little bit of imperfection).

Mix the bread crumb with around a teaspoon of dried parsley flakes and salt,
just to give some colour and taste to the outer layer.
Then, roll the ball along the bread crumb and deep fry it in a pot of hot oil at 160 degree Celsius.
The prawn ball is ready in around 6-8 minutes when it is golden brown in colour.

Serve it immediately and you will see the melting cheese coming out when you tear the ball apart!
Squeeze on some lemon juice and you will be addicted to these, just very simple ingredients
and making steps you can have a very nice meal at home, how nice is it huh??
Try it out and let me know :)

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love. said...

I tried it with the Japanese breadcrumbs, it was great! Thanks for the recipe :)