Sunday, September 18, 2011

4 Tiers Wedding Cake Trial

First attempt on wedding cake.
Come out quite good, what do you think?
All hand crafted pink roses, silver leaves, bride & groom.

Great effort ever in making the roses.
I am improving and getting more and more confident making them!
I spend less time in making them now :)

Closer look at the rose and the leaves.
Its quite hard on sticking them on the cake, need to get them stable!
And the leaves, have to be very careful in placing them in the white fondant because or else you will get
a dirty mess on the the fondant which you have to wipe it off and cause troublesome.

This is the first complete part of my cake, before I put on any decorations.
Hmm, the fondant is quite smooth on the cake and look
stunning with the ivory ribbon kekeke
My handcrafted roses hehe :)
Spend lots of effort in making them,
I am happy with the colour to match with the cake :)

Silver effect leaves,
all handcrafted :)

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