Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green Tea Opera Cake

Phew finally, what I have worried about from last 2 weeks is finally over ^^
Liling's order, another great challenge for me!
Green Tea Opera Cake with additional layer of red bean,
after I did the trial version I found that this cake is really a hard job for me.

Even though the final is cake looks ok, got more obvious layers and consistent look,
I am not happy with the top chocolate ganache :(
Still, everything work and go on smoothly.
The sequence of the layers from bottom to top: 
GT sponge > chocolate ganache >  GT sponge  > red bean > GT sponge > 
GT ganache > GT sponge> chocolate ganache

I am decorating the top of the cake by using a caramel nest and 3 green tea macaroons.
Macaroons with gold, silver and pearl colour each ^^
I think it will look great with more colours on the shell:)
Well I can say, the hardest part is not having the layers neat and neat but
to control the thickness of the green tea sponge and the shape of the cake.
I am trying my best to have the sponge even in thickness but it was so hard.
When I am trying to cut and trim the cake to a nice rectangle shape, it is also very tricky due
the multiple layers of the cake.
The cake come out pretty good, everything is in my expectation, layers of the cake
is neat and clear without any mess :)
Except for the top ganache arrrgggh not as smooth 

as I want because of the irregular surface of the sponge.
Hope that she won't mind about it, enjoy the cake!
Hope that you like the taste of the cake too, positive feedback for please :p
And wish your brother a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Do Re Mi.......... Again............
Durian Cheesecake with durian cream cheese!!!
Regular size for Liling, small size for Jerome and mini
size for me & Xander :P 
Liling's order :) With additional chocolate drizzle on the top :)
I make it with slightly different look this time, I pipe it instead on spreading 
the cream cheese on the top, does it look better??
Hmm which one is better ???
                                 Mine's one with lots of durian cream cheese :P
                             This doesn't look pretty I know.

Jerome's order :)
Hope he and his family will like it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rojak Buah

One of my favourite food, ROJAK BUAH!
Used to have this a lot when I am back to KK, and
 I only order it with Sagot, pineapple, and cucumber!
In KK, there's lots of place selling nice rojak,
with additional of crunchy chinese doughnut and crushed peanuts,
it just makes everything extremely delicious and addictive! 

Today I am gonna make my version of rojak buah, I cant find any sagot in Melbourne,  so I will be using only apples, cucumber and pineapple.
I bought the ready rojak sauce from asian groceries store, and of course also crushed peanuts!

It taste quite good, but of course not as god as the one I have in Malaysia.
KK  one is more genuine and taste more "asli" hahaha

I wonder how does this sauce taste, gonna give it a try today weee

Crushed peanuts ia a very important ingredients in rojak,
with or without it will make a bug difference^^
I am using unsalted peanuts and crushed them by myself by using the rolling pin :)
I cut all the fruits, then mix it with in suitable amount of rojak sauce.
I think its better to have all the fruits juice drained off properly, as when you mix in the sauce its gonna be very liquid and you will have something "flooding".
Its best to serve it right away as the sauce is gonna become very watery after a period of time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Asam Pedas Belacan Crispy Fish Fillet with Rice

Crispy fish fillet go with onion and green chilli, serve with steam rice and homemade asam
pedas belacan.

Very easy recipe and cooking method:
fish fillet
green/red chilli
coriander for garnish
Stage 2 after the preparation of the ingredients:
Wash and dice onion into cubes, slice the chilli.
Cut the fish fillet into square shape, marinate it with pepper,
salt, bit of soy sauce and SAO XIN wine.
Get ready the flour and beaten eggs in separate bowls.
Marinated fish.
Should look darker in colour since there a bit of the soy sauce.
Leave in for 20-30 minutes.
Dip the marinated fish into beaten eggs, then followed by flour.
Deep fry the fish in hot pot of oil at 160 degree Celsius until
golden brown in colour.

Golden and crispy fish fillet, it taste so good even you don't eat it alone without any rice ^^

Then, get a small pan and heat up some oil.
 Stir fry the onion and chilli, add in some salt and pepper to taste.
Continue stirring until the onion slightly turn into yellowish color.

Serve the fish fillet with rice, belacan and onions, garnish with some coriander. 
I made this belacan by myself, it taste a bit sweet and sour and spicy!
Actually I want to make sambal but adding to much tamarind paste so it becomes a bit sour haha

Very simple recipe for this belacan:
Deep fried anchovies 100g-150g (I bought those that are still raw, so I deep fry then in a pot of hot oil until its crispy)
chilli paste (3-4 tbp)
tamarind paste (1-2 tbp), adding too much the belacan will be sour
1 big onion
sugar (2-3 tbs, depend whether you want it to be sweeter or spicy)
salt to taste

Use some warm water to mix with the tamarind paste until it is gravy.
Slice the onion.
Heat up some oil in a hot pan, stir fry the anchovies and onion for 2 minutes,
then add in the chilli paste and tamarind paste and juice.
Wait until it boils.
Stir and pour in some water (not sure about the quantity but it would be around 250-300ml, adjust the water amount until you get the consistency you prefer), add  in the salt and sugar.
Keep tasting the belacan, add more salt or sugar until achieve the taste that you want.
Continus stirring and cook for another 5-8 minutes.
Dinner is served!
Hubby likes its so much hehehe

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Glutinous Balls Sweet Soup (Tang Yuan)

XL size glutinous balls, with ginger and pandan sweet soup base.
It has red bean paste filling and I make it with 2 colors :)
This bowl of dessert reminds me of my mummy, I do exactly what she taught me and
it definitely taste like mummy! I start to feel homesick :(

Sweet soup with hint of pandan flavour and ginger, good for girls too!
Chewy balls with sweet red bean filling, best warm served dessert ever
for this warm weather spring!
Owhhhhh looks so tempting!
Look at the red bean paste filling ^^
Easy recipe : Glutinous flour, ginget, pandan leaves
rock sugar, raw sugar block, sweet red bean paste.
You can use either only rock sugar or raw sugar,
or both at the same time!

I am using ready red bean paste which you can buy from any asian groceries store.
You might eliminate the ginger if you don't like ginger taste,
but it really tastes good and good for girls!
If you don't like red bean,
exchange the filling into any of you favourite filling like
peanuts, sesame, palm sugar etc.
Mix the flour with some warm water until it is soft, doesn't stick to hand.
Not too dry or sticky:)
Make it into any colours that you prefer.
It a pot of hot water, chuck in the pandan leaves,
few pieces of ginger (depends how strong do you want the ginger taste), and the sugar.
Stir until the sugar is dissolved, adjust the sweetness by adding more sugar
until you achieve the sweetness that you want :)

Start rolling the dough and shape it into balls with red bean paste
stuffed in the middle.
Make it into any size you want, I am doing it in large size ahahaha
too lazy kekekekeke
Cook the ready balls in the ready boiling soup base and stir once in a while
until it floats on the top.
Then it is ready to be serve!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Very Durian Soft Cheesecake

Attention to DURIAN LOVERS: I am taking orders for this durian cheesecake,
or you can have durian cake too!
Durian cheesecake with soft and moist sponge-liked cake,
coated with whipped cream and durian cream cheese.
Can't do too much design with this cake as the cream cheese is soft with the durian flesh!
I do some chocolate drizzle on the top so that the cake wont look too simple,
guess what some of the customer request for
a piece of durian on top of the cake as decoration too :)
You will love this cake.
For more enquiries please contact me at, questions
are most welcomed :)

Oreo Cheesecake

Finally I got on order for the oreo cheesecake.
So it means another chance for me to make a better version of OREO CHEESECAKE :)
Everything comes out perfect, I do some cream cheese and crushed
oreo biscuits on the top and also piped whipped cream shells and
 circle with mini oreo ^^

Ready to be delivered phew such a hot weather today...
Hope everything is gonna be fine.
Hope that he likes the taste and look of this cake.
Again, positive feedback for me please :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mango Rose

Mango season is here!
I am gonna make mango cheesecake very soon so stay tuned.
But before that I need to get some mangoes and do
some practise on the mango rose.
I know its not hard but still wanna give it a try :) 
It wasn't that hard as I thought, but still need to give is a smooth and shinny finish
when I am doing this on my cake!

Curry Chicken with Steam Rice

My hubby is craving for curry chicken, so tonight I am making curry chicken
with some potatoes and carrot.
I am using drumsticks this time.
Just very simple curry sauce that made of instant curry paste,
I prefer using instant one as less troubles and cleaning.
It tastes pretty good with the thick curry sauce,
soft potatoes and carrots.
Tender drumstick with lots of curry flavour.
Best to go with steam rice isn't? 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pandan Chiffon Cake

My first chiffon cake with pandan flavour. Come out quite well with pandan aroma, soft and moist spongy centre.
I dust it with some icing sugar as well.

I am taking orders for this pandan chiffon cake as well,
so for those who is interested please do email me for more details :)
At the same time, I am also gonna try on more recipes for different flavour of
chiffon cake in order to expand the range in my menu hehehehehe

Freshly out from the oven, still warm! I am slicing them into thick slices,
and have them with my coffee yummmmmm

Take a bite, very soft sponge-liked chiffon cake.

The meringue and pandan batter.
The ready to bake mixture.

Pour the batter into my silicon mould and ready to go into the oven ^^
Come out pretty good, I am sure the
mould would give my cake a nice looking.

Here it goes, it comes out pretty good from mould.
No sticking, tears or break at all!

Who would love to have some??? hehehehe