Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pandan Chiffon Cake

My first chiffon cake with pandan flavour. Come out quite well with pandan aroma, soft and moist spongy centre.
I dust it with some icing sugar as well.

I am taking orders for this pandan chiffon cake as well,
so for those who is interested please do email me for more details :)
At the same time, I am also gonna try on more recipes for different flavour of
chiffon cake in order to expand the range in my menu hehehehehe

Freshly out from the oven, still warm! I am slicing them into thick slices,
and have them with my coffee yummmmmm

Take a bite, very soft sponge-liked chiffon cake.

The meringue and pandan batter.
The ready to bake mixture.

Pour the batter into my silicon mould and ready to go into the oven ^^
Come out pretty good, I am sure the
mould would give my cake a nice looking.

Here it goes, it comes out pretty good from mould.
No sticking, tears or break at all!

Who would love to have some??? hehehehe

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Winston said...

Hi. Came across your blog from Facebook. You're a really talented baker and I'm from KK too! What a small world. Keep it up!! =)