Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Durian Cupcakes with Durian Cream Cheese Frosting

Hi all, I am introducing another new item in to my kitchen menu : Durian Cupcakes :)
Available in two size, standard and mini one.
Durian cupcakes with real durian flesh and topped with very durian cream cheese frosting,
a perfect dessert for everyone.
For durian lover who after durian dessert but prefer in smaller quantity instead of whole durian cake,
I am very sure this is what you want ^^
Mini Durian Cupcakes , minimum order is 1 dozen.
You will be craving for more hehehehe

The standard size one, minimum order is 8 pcs.

The durian cake batter with durian flesh hehehehehehe
The ready to pipe batter :)

Piping keep going on~~~~~~

They are ready to be baked in the oven weeee

Owhhhhhh rising up, I love this moment xD

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