Sunday, January 01, 2012

Lo Mai Chi (花生糯米糍 / Glutinous Balls stuffed with crushed peanuts)

Oh I really miss this back to my hometown (SABAH), used to have this a lot in secondary school
as breakfast or lunch.
Not sure where does this originate from, but I think everyone loves it isn't?
I usually will see this when I am buying breakfast in a store or stall.
This lo mai chi is similar to "mochi" in Taiwan or Japan, just that this is bigger in size and stuffs with peanuts.

I do looking for a simple and easy to make recipe, and of course no failure one!
Got this recipe from:

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I will give out some tips here, this is my first time making and everything comes out perfect and tasty ^^
The glutinous batter is just simple made of glutinous flour + sugar +water + shortening.
I used vegetable shortening by the way, remember to have the shortening almost melted in order
to have it mixed properly in the batter.

The batter is of thick fluid form (just in case you are wondering why is it so runny).
I steam it in a silicon mould again, you can use a shallow stainless steel tray.
Over a high heat, I steam in for about 25 minutes.
The batter now becomes firmer and sticky.
Leave it there until it has cooled down completely.

The peanuts filling that I make by myself, I do pan fried the peanuts until
it turn brown a bit, this is how you get the peanuts so fragrant (no oil, just dry frying while stir constantly). You might have some peanuts burned which turns into black, in this case don't worry about it unless its too many then you pick some away. 
So, keep you eyes on the fire and keep stirring :D

I leave it to cool down before I add in sugar, for 250g of peanuts I think
around 5 tbsp of sugar is alright, depends how sweet do you want the filling to be.
There will be leftover filling, keep it in a tight container for next time use.
This is how the dough looks like, I would really recommend this recipe as it
wont sticks to your hand and easy to handle it.
I think this is because of the shortening makes it greasy and easy to play with it:)
I divide the dough into around 45g each, the recipe yields around a dozen.
Then I flatten the dough and wrap the peanut filling inside,
this time there will be very thin layer of glutinous dough and lots of peanut inside :)
For the extra flour to be coated on balls, I use glutinous flour but I pan fried it
on a pan over a medium heat for few minutes, you don't have to use oil for this.

It not very hard to wrap in the peanut filling as when the dough sticks to each other, it is secured perfectly and you don't have to worry its gonna leaks or burst.
And one more thing is that the dough is not sticky, so its easy to do it without having lots of mess.
I cant get it into a perfect round ball, but who care as long as it taste good XD

There you go, mu hubby has few of them hehehehehe and he likes it
It has the taste of the one I have in KK.

I really like this recipe and would definitely make it again!
Look at the peanuts filling and the chewy glutinous layer.


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