Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pineapple Cookies

Today I make another batch of pineapple cookies again, with the leftover pineapple filling and
the dough as well.
This time I manage to roll the filling into balls before wrap them it the dough,
I cook the filling on the stove to get rid of some moisture, so it becomes harder when
get chilled in the fridge XD
I can say, it tastes like the one I have in Malaysia!
I think its because of the filling, I make it by myself at home :)
Pineapple cookie is one of my favourite, what's you favourite chinese new year cookies??
Look at the filling, with soft and crumby pastry yummm
There how I roll the pineapple filling into balls :)))
It is easier to wrap this into the pastry dough, as it wont leaks out or burst hehe
It still not really dry like very hard, still sticky but can shape into ball :)

 Then wrap them in the pastry, roll into round ball, brush on some egg wash and ready to be baked XD
P/S : Only brush on the egg wash prior to baking :)
  Cant wait for them to come out and have a taste :p

Here again, wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year in advance~

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