Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coffee Chiffon Cake

As I mentioned before, I will be keep on making chiffon cakes with different flavours.
This time I make the coffee one, using double expresso from the freshly grounded coffee bean.
Another attempt on chiffon cake this time, and I am also giving it free to my friends as this testing stage of coffee flavour.

Expresso from my GIOTTO coffee machine, look at the thick
crema , I smell coffee around my house :)

The texture of the chiffon cake is very good out of my expectation, it is very moist
and soft like cotton.
The coffee taste and flavour is rich enough for the whole cake, I think the expresso
did make my cake more moist and soft.
Still the flavour of the coffee is just at the right dose :)
One problem about this cake is that I am having a hard time in getting the cake out,
it is harder to have the knife run around the cake perfectly and clean.
Consequently, the surface of the cake torn off a bit, so no clean and perfect looking cake.
The cake actually bounces back when I press it, this is what I am looking for a  "CHIFFON CAKE"^^
The inside of the cake.
Ready in a plastic bag to be picked up by them tomorrow hehehe
Hope they like it :) 

Hubby like this too so I am hoping that they find this is good enough to
be in my ORDER MENU^^

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lena said...

excellent! so soft and bouncy!! can i sleep on it?? LOL!