Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shredded Chicken Rice go with Soy Sauce and Shallot Oil (雞絲醬蔥油拌飯)

Hi all, I have leftover chicken breast meat in my fridge last night.
So I am gonna finish it by making it into yummy meal!
I don't like my fridge stuffed with lots of things, so I always make sure it is neat and clean. Remember to rotate the things in your fridge once in a while so that everything stay fresh without spoilt of expired goods:)
And also remove any odour like onion/garlic with some sliced lemon/lime and some juice, it really works and you will have a fresh smell fridge all the time!

How to:
I use the chicken breast (sliced thinly about 1cm) and pan fried on a hot pan over medium low heat
 with some oil, sprinkle on some salt and pepper for taste.
When both side is brownish, remove from pan set aside for later use but make sure its perfectly cooked inside, always check.

Then with some steam rice, shred the cooked chicken breast on the rice.
For the shallot oil, I am using french shallot which is so expensive in Melbourne!
If you like shallot, use more shallot.
Over a hot pan with 1/4-1/3 cup of oil, depend how much you want.
Then, pan fried the shallot over medium heat until it turns brownish and crispy.
Pour the oil together with the shallot into a bowl, add in some dark soy sauce.

Serve them with the rice and shredded chicken.
The aroma of the shallot combines with the chicken makes a beautiful dinner with
just simple ingredients and easy to do steps :)
Try it on and let me know :)

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Paris Pastry said...

Ooooh, chicken rice is one of my favorite meals! I'm drooling! Save a left-over for me? :)