Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet and Sour Fish (酸甜鱼片)

Its a very hot summer this month, my hubby lost
his appetite so he is asking for something sweet and sour.
Still a very simple dish that I made for tonight's dinner, sweet and sour fish :)
Fish is one of my favourite food, particularly ginger and shallot fish fillet but I also
love them serve in a sweet and sour manner hehehe

What I have used:
I am using basa fish fillet that are ready to be cut into slices and cooked.
Using simple ingredients like onion, shallot, garlic and bits of minced ginger.
For the sauce, I am using tomato sauce + white vinegar+ white sugar+lemon juice.
Mix the sauce in a bowl before cooking and have a taste :)
Adjust the taste of the sauce, I am using lots of sugar for this.
I also marinate the fish in a bit of soy sauce, white pepper, salt and shao xin wine + rice white.

*If you would like to : add some pineapple and capsiums for more colour and flavour :)

(1) Stir fry the onion, garlic and shallot plus ginger over a hot pan with some oil for 2 minutes.
(2) Add in the fish and stir fry until its 50% cooked.
(3) Pour in the sauce and stir until the fish is well coated, cook for another 3-4 minutes.
(4) Have a taste, add in more sugar or salt if necessary.
(5) If the sauce is too much or too thin, add in some corn flour water to thicken the sauce a bit
scoop out all of the fish, leave the sauce in the pan and continue to cook until it is reduced to thicker sauce, then pour over on the fish and serve :)
Not a complicated dish at all, you can also deep fried the fish before you cook it
with the rest of the ingredients and sauce so that it is crispy.

Just dip the fish in cornflour -> egg -> flour then deep fried it in a pot of hot oil
at 160-165 degredd celcius until golden brown :)

I omitted this step to avoid cleaning and longer cooking time, and also
for lower calorie & healthy meal :p
It is something very optional, just do it the way you like ^^
Sprinkle on some white sesame/fresh coriander before serve :)

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