Friday, September 02, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes Deluxe with Rose Butter Icing

For this special day, I made some cupcakes for the afternoon tea guest.
It a chocolate cupcakes with unique rose butter icing, never thought that they can be so match when combined together.

Serving them on a 2 tier glass stand is one of the most exciting moment!
I am having fun when putting them one by one on the stand :)
Position them in to the right angle and distance,
then "SNAP" !
Hmm, the chocolate cupcake mix is ready to go into the oven!

Here they come out hot and fresh of the oven!

I also make some little pink roses by using gum paste to deco on my cupcakes!

Having some moments with the RTR, I make some roses.
I colour the white with some red gel paste, and use the original red for the red rose.
Cant get the super red if you colour the fondant by yourself,
you will get a very sticky and wet fondant at the end,
so I use the ready one.
I make the pink rose by using the same method like the chocolate rose, it not bad but not natural enough.
RTR just have different texture compared to chocolate clay.
The red fondant is even feel a bit more sandy, as you can see, a more shinny effect you can get.
And because of the super red colour, it feel a bit more wet and soft.
For the red rose, I use different method of shaping it which results in a more thinner edge,
means more natural!
It looks like real rose isnt? 
I am doing 2 tone colour on my butter icing.
Another tricky but useful skill which make you cupcake prettier!
And again, I am using wilton nozzle for the rose swirl!
I like the way of the bitter icing come out!
You get pretty rose petal cupcakes by just piping it, easy!
Still, there's some hidden tricks though.
See how different between the pink and red rose!
I love the red rose OMG!!

Final touch, put on my little roses deco, a simple and beautiful design!
The 2 colors butter icing add a lot of positive impression yea?
With the roses on the top, and cupcakes around,
it does make me proud of what i have did!
Hope the  guest like it!

See the way that the butter icing swirl, the pattern is so elegant hehehehe

A fantastic afternoon tea treats ever!

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