Friday, September 09, 2011

Dark Chocolate Luxury Birthday Cake for Gin's Dad

Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Roses, Pearls Petals and Gold Plant Swirl.
Piped with chocolate shell border with gold pearl on each of it.
A nice luxury design with simple deco yet look elegant!
The cake look perfect except for the ganache on the cake that look a bit not smooth,
but I cant work on it to much as it gets dry which will leave an ugly look on your cake,
try my best to make it as smooth as possible though ^^

Get into the box and its ready to go :)

The idea of using chocolate was inspired by the work  "luxury".
The golden touch on the edge will make the rose on the look
sharper, because the ganache also chocolate in colour.
The leave is handcrafted, am waiting for the cutters to arrive but then I decided to make it my own.
I wan to spray it into gold at first, but maybe the whole cake would look too gold?
So I add a little bit of shinny effect to it,
pearl effect.

Gold colour plant swirl add more touches to the look on the cake,
details like this would definitely add more visual effect to the cake.
Hope Gin is happy with the cake, it taste lovely with the moist chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache!

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