Saturday, January 07, 2012

Durian Mille Crepe Cake (20 Layers Cake)

New items are added into my menu : Mille Crepe Cake
This is my first mille crepe cake:)
The whole cake looks not really nice and perfect round, but I don't 
think crepe cake would have a perfect looking.
Might gonna make the crepe on lower heat next time so that it has nice and even brownish colour,
creme should be sifter so that the cake hold its shape when its sliced.

I also crystallised some sugar on the top before its ready to be served :)
When making the crepe its really tricky and I failed few times before I get it on the right track haha :p
Well, I am pretty happy with the cross section.
Look at the 20 layers crepe with cream sandwiched in each layer :)

I shall be doing it in another flavour next time :)
Nice attempt this time and I got more ideas for my crepe cake next time!

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lena said...

crepe cakes seem quite popular nowadays..think it would be quite challenging for me to make this...and cutting the cake too! a very nice job done here!!