Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mango Cheesecake for Chinese New Year

I am celebrating this Chinese New Year in Melbourne.
We are having new year eve dinner in his relatives place so I am gonna bring some cakes for after dinner treats :)
I make this mango cheesecake for them.

I am using different mango this time which is not that sweet and a bit sour,
slightly yellowish in colour,
but after I brush on a layer of sweet flangel on the top, everything goes perfect with the cheesecake ^^
But of course, its easier to arrange the mango with this one as the flesh is not that soft compared to the honey mango, can slice very thinly and I can get neater and shinny finish on the top.

Below is one of my customer order, I am using 2 types of mango for the top.
Different colour of mango arrangement make more contrast on the colour isn't?
Nice try but still I prefer using only one type of mango hehehehe
Hope that Wayne will love this cake, I add in more gelatine so that it sets into stable shape.
I think he will love the mango taste, as well as what he can find inside of the cake :P
I am so happy that everyone loves this cake, even some of them didn't really like cheesecake
still they love this because of the cream cheese and the mango :)
Some of them even say that it tastes like ice cream, not too sweet and love the mango taste ^^
Overall, they finish all of them.
I guess I need to make a bigger one next year hahaha

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, have a great day with your family and friends :)
Miss you, my beloved mummy, daddy and brother in KK~~~~

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