Monday, January 23, 2012

Pandan Chiffon Cake, freshly made on the day prior to pick up~~~

Finally I got an order for chiffon cake, and its pandan flavour~~~~
I make this early in the morning prior to pick up in the afternoon.
I think chiffon cake is best to have on the day as it will stay moist and spongy :)
Not much about this but I got a neutral feedback on the colour of the cake, they say its too green.
Well, will note this next time so that it stays light green but not super green.

I can't predict this because before I bake it, it is light green in colour.
When its out from the oven, the inside of the cake looks so green, it surprises me too!
Hope that everything is fine except of the colour, but I think the texture and taste is good.
When I touch the cake, its so bouncing like sponge so I guess the texture is good, just the colour :(

I am gonna make more chiffon cake with different flavour, howbout orange and almond???
Would try that soon and stay tuned~~~~

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lena said...

orange is quite nice too, not sure abt almond. Have not tasted almond before..