Monday, January 23, 2012

Dozen of Egg Tarts for Wayne

This is my first order for egg tarts! And also new customer!
Although it is only a dozen but I really enjoy making this at home :)
Whole house smell like egg tart coming out from the oven~~~

And he also given me a positive feedback, he says he likes and this is such a good thing that I want to hear during CNY :)

I personally also like this egg tart with soft and pudding like filling, and also with the crispy pastry that I make by myself at home :)
Wish all of you have a prosperous CHINESE NEW YEAR 2012, stay healthy and happy :)


Unknown said...

wow beautiful recipes dear...gonna join in..gotta learn awesome recipes from you!:)


lena said...

i can see the egg custart is so smooooth!! Gong xi Fa cai!

Daphne said...

Dr, Sameena & Lena: thank you foryour lovely comment :)