Friday, September 30, 2011

Strawberry Mousse Cake with Chocolate Ganache & Roses

The early birthday cake order is due, after 2 time attempting and adjusting the recipe,
I finally have my cake done perfectly!
Strawberry mousse with more strawberry flavour and less gelatine,
macerated strawberry cubes in the mousse,
thin layer of chocolate ganache with white chocolate drizzle pattern & pink and red roses!

I am so worry when delivering the cake,
the cake is around 11 inch, so big and heavy!
And its a raining day, but still I manage to deliver the cake in front of Li Ling's doorstep :)
She is so excited, hope she is happy with the cake
and give me some positive feedback!

Look at the size of the cake to feed 20++ people.
There's a reason why I worry so much during the delivery as
I am afraid the mousse is gonna collapse due to the height of the cake hehe
Pretty fondant roses that  I make petals by petals ^^

I am so happy with my work this time.
I guess this can be a really strong and good picture for my portfolio in future orders :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Very Durian Soft & Moist CheeseCake

I am doing some trial on Durian Cheesecake since lots of
customer are asking for them!
Well, durian is addicting!
Me myself love durian too!

But when dealing with the king of the fruit > DURIAN,
it can be tricky!!
The price of durian in Melbourne quite expensive too,
even they are those frozen one.
After working with this recipe so much,
I come up with this very delicious durian cheesecake.
Imagine durian+cream cheese, yummmmmmm
I also put a layer of durian cream cheese on the top, make it
look nicer and tastier ^^
As you can see, I didn't puree the durian flesh.
First thing is to avoid more cleaning :P
Secondly, I wish to retain the eating texture of the durian flesh which you can still feel while the cake is in your mouth ^^

This version of my durian cheesecake taste very moist
and soft while you can still taste the durian flesh!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes / Vanilla Cupcakes

One of my customer order 2 dozen of cupcakes for his party held at house.
I made him a dozen chocolate cupcakes with white butter icing and strawberry chocolate buttons and
a dozen of vanilla cupcakes with pink butter icing and fresh strawberry

Chocolate cupcakes with white butter icing and strawberry chocolate buttons.

 Vanilla cupcakes with pink butter icing and fresh strawberry.
I decided to use my button mould to make a cute pink button with chocolate
for the cupcakes deco.

The cupcakes are out of oven beautifully, nice and even :)

For different deco purpose, I also use different tips when doing the piping.
I pipe white one on the chocolate cupcakes;pink one on the vanilla cupcakes, just
to create a color contrast so that it looks more colourful.
Well, that what Bobby has asked for :)

Finally, I put in the deco.
Everything just done perfectly without any mistakes!
I am so happy and getting more confident ^^
Then, the cupcakes are ready to be packed into the box.

Pretty ???

Yeepeee, they are ready to be delivered!

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

My customer is asking for a cake during his friend's wedding dinner, for around 10 pax.
He let me to do whatever I can do, freestyle!
So I decided to make red velvet as its a wedding so need more red colours :)
The cake was alright, come out from the oven perfectly.
However I make is less sweet as the cream cheese will be sweet enough to go with the cake.
I wasn't sure what deco should I put at first, thinking of red frosting hmm...
Then I decided to pipe RED shell borders around the bottom, red small roses on the top
and chocolate pieces around the cake.
I also put on some edible glitter on the roses, looks so sparkling **

I am happy with the work, although there's a bit obstacle in the middle part, but I went through it^^
Hope Bobby is happy with my work :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strawberry Mousse Cake

For the upcoming October: I am so busy with my friend's birthday cake order.
And the most challenging part, its mousse cake!
11 inch mousse cake!

The problem that I worry the most when I make this cake is that it is not gonna set properly!
I will be having problem in getting the cake out perfectly from he ring!
I attempt on this recipe twice, finally I found the trick.
Hehe, this recipe actually taste quite good too.
Hope she will like it :)
A slice for myself before anyone else kekeke
I also put a layer of thin jelly on the top,
with chocolate drizzle, strawberries and white chocolate pieces!
I am happy with the second attempt!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creme Brulee

Warm creme brulee that has crispy caramelised sugar layer on the top,
melt in the mouth creamy pudding-liked texture is definitely a great dessert for everyone.

Look at the caramelised sugar^^

Creamy and soft pudding!
Just taste awesome, perfect level of sweetness!
You will need :
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
Castor sugar - 100g
Double cream - 375 ml
Egg yolk - 4

Mix the egg yolk with the sugar until thick and pale.

Just like this this, "ribbon stage"

Meanwhile wait for the cream to boil.

While whisking, pour the hot cream in the egg mixture, mix until well combined.
Then return to the stove and mix until its slightly thicken.

Pour the mixture into the ramekins.

In a deep tray, pour in boiling water until its half depth of the height of the ramekins.

Then, they are ready to go into the preheated oven at 150 degress celcius.
Bake for around 35 minutes until the top is firm and the middle is bit runny.

You can always serve it immediately or chill it in the fridge before the next step.
Caramelised step: sprinkle on some castor sugar.

Use a blowtorch and caramelised the sugar until its brown in colour.

Eating time @.@
You will find the the top is very crispy when you poke through the top layer with a spoon :)
Thats a good sign as the top is the main point of this dessert!
Remember to serve it while the top caramelised sugar is still crunchy!
No point of having a creme brulee that have softened top :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thai Style Tom Yum Fry Vermicelli with Seafood

Sour Tom Yum withs seafood, such a good combination isn't?
Basic Ingredients:
Vermicelli (soaked in cold water for 20 minutes), you favourite seafood, bean sprouts, onion and eggs
For the sauce, I use the ready Thai curry paste,
the best paste for any soup, stir fry or even soup noodle!

I made a combination sauce for this vermicelli:
2.5  tbp of Curry paste
1 tsp of Pepper,
2 tsp of Salt,
2 tbp of Sugar,
1 tbp of Curry Powder,
3 tbp of Fish Sauce,
1 tbp of Lemon juice,
1 tsp ofChicken powder

I have to say, try to adjust  the amount to suit the amount of vermicelli that you
are going to stir fry. Sometimes its better to make more sauce just in case you run out of it.

I always cook the seafood partially in a pot of boiling water,
then you don't have to cook it so long when you stir fry it.

Then I will cook the egg first.
Put some salt, pepper and a bit of cream, this will give your egg very smooth texture :)
Scramble the egg in a hot pan.

Hmm, nice golden colour egg :)
Then , start the stir fry.
Sautee the onion first,  add in the vermicelli.
Tips: Remember to cut the length of the vermicelli a bit with a scissor,
this is for easy stir fry and for eating later.
Add in some soy sauce, just to give it a bit of saltiness and colour ^^
Then, put in the sauce, stir in thoroughly.
Add in 1-2 cups of water, let them boil.

Add in the bean sprouts then cover it with a lid, cook for  5-7 minutes
until the vermicelli soak all of the water, means become more manageable and soft :)
Meanwhile, the bean sprouts should be almost cook, stir it through the vermicelli.

Lastly, add in the eggs and seafood, stir fry for another few minutes.
Adjust the taste by adding some salt/sugar/pepper before the you serve it :)

There you go, piping hot stir fry tom yum vermicelli ^^
Appetising enough yet satisfying!
Sprinkle on some crushed peanuts as garnish like I do, a perfect combination hmmmm