Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seafood Skewers

Very simple cooking meal with only few ingredients and you can have hotel style dinner at home!
These skewers goes with fresh cucumber with some lemon juice as well as sambal for dipping!
And guess what, you can have any seafood you like on your skewers!
I have chose prawn (my favourite), squid and salmon, plus some onion for some veggie sweetness!
I only sprinkle on some salt and pepper, thats it!
It is so simple, you don't need to have complicated seasoning on you seafood, 

just some salt and pepper will do!
would make them fantastic as seafood themselves has their own natural sweetness!
Once you get your ingredients ready, just have some fun by getting them on the stick in the way that you like ^^
Then, just grill them on a hot pan with oil until they are cooked!

Bit of lemon juice make these skewers so appetising, with some fresh cucumber a side you just can't stop eating :)
Plus some mild spicy sambal, this will definitely add more flavours to your skewers if you want something taste different and exciting!
So what are you waiting for?
Go ahead to grab your ingredients and start making ^^

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