Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sultana & Cinnamon Rollsssssss

For today's afternoon tea, I decided to make some yeast goods : everyone favourites sultana and cinnamon rolls :) This hot rolls are fresh out form the oven! You wanna grab one for yourself? Quickly grab a pen, write down the recipe and get it going^^

The ingredients for Sweet Yeast:
60g fresh yeast / 6 tsp of dried yeast
550 ml milk
3 eggs
100g sugar
1kg strong flour
15g salt
140g unsalted butter

Ingredients  for filling: 
brown sugar
cinnamon powder
extra butter for brushing

First of all, I dissolve the yeast in warm milk (around 30 degree celcius),
then add in the eggs add mix well.

Using a hook attachment,
add the yeast mixture into the dry ingredients (flour, sugar and salt),

Mix for around 10 minutes and until you will get a smooth and silky ball.

Then, add in softened butter gradually and mix until well combined.

Your dough will look like this at the end, shinny and smooth.
Prove it until 50-75% increase in size.
Cover the bowl with damp towel to prevent it from drying out.
The weather here is cold, so you can actually put it in area with bit of sunlight
for better and faster fermentation.

Then, prepare a tray, brush and rolling pin.
Get ready the brown sugar, sultana and butter (quantity depends on you prefer flavour).

After around an hour, the dough has risen so big wooo!!!
Now you can actually see that the size is almost increased 3/4 in size.

Very IMPORTANT STEP : knock back your dough until you squeeze out all of the air.
If you don't do this step properly, you might be having your rolls not rising properly
in the oven later.

Dust your bench  with flour, knead it into ball.

Shape it properly into a round shape.

Then start rolling, always dust flour on your rolling pin and dough to prevent sticking.
Roll it out into rectangle shape.
If there is air in the dough, just press it out lightly with the rolling pin.

You will get about 0.8 cm thickness.

Brush on some softened butter evenly across the surface.

Sprinkle on the brown sugar.

Spread on the sugar evenly until it covers all of the surface area.

Then followed by the sultana,
personal preference,
add more/ less sultana as you like.

Then you can start rolling up the dough like swiss roll,
remember to do it as tight as possible,
do not leave any hollow space or air as best as you can.

Spray you tray with oil, line with baking paper.
Start cutting the rolls and place them into the tray.
The height of the roll is depend on you, I prefer it to be higher
in order to suit the tray space and it will occupy the space of the tray when it is int he oven.
I also want bigger size cinammon rolls!

I did sprinkle more brown sugar on the top as well as squeeze in more sultana
for better look and presentation.

Again, cover them with damp cloth, prove until it increase 75% in size.

Getting bigger...

Bake them in the oven at 180-200 degrees Celsius depends on the size of your rolls.
Mine is quite big so I bake them at 180 Celsius.
Hmm they are getting bigger in the oven haha,
almost rising to occupy the tray space.
Large cinnamon rolls, I guess that's how Aussie rolls look like,
its within my expectation,
thats's how it should look like!

Out from the oven!!!

For better look, brush your rolls with some glaze or boiled apricot jam.
It will make them shinny and mouth-watering ^^


Oppsss, one roll is stolen before I put on the white chocolate drizzle haha :)

With some chocolate drizzle, your cinnamon rolls looks more nice just like what you get from a bakery shop.
Its optional anyways.
Yummy.... It just taste what I wish like.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daphne,
Just wanted to say thanks for a great recipe. I am a beginner to the world of baking and find it is hit or miss with a lot of recipes, however, I followed your recipe and ended up with a HIT the very first time! The photographic steps are a huge help too. Only thing I couldn't find was a length of cooking time but that was easy to google. Keep up the great work, your culinary passion is inspiring others :)