Saturday, September 10, 2011

Super Refreshing Combination Thai & Viet Style Prawns Cold Vermicelli Salad with Spicy and Sour Sauce

Today I want to make cold salad in asian style,
straight away I think of thai prawn salad with the mango.
With leftover cooked vermicelli in the fridge,
I think I got everything I need in making this refreshing dish.
Vermicelli on the bottom with mango slice, shredded cucumber, pineapple, red inion and crushed peanuts!
The fruits and veggies around would make this dish more crunchy and refreshing.
The mango and pineapple give out sweet and sour taste which just match with the flavour of the sauce.
Prawn has its own sweetness which is fine without any seasoning,
just cook it it boiled water would do.
Peanuts gives out more flavour and eating texture to this salad as it tastes more crunchy,
it is a MUST in this dish!!

For the sauce, I use some fresh chilli, lemon juice, fish sauce, sugar syrup and combines all of them together.
You can add some salt if you want to but fish sauce itself taste salty so you can ignore if you want to.
Chilli gives out spiciness while lemon juice make the sauce taste more appetising!

There you go, pour on the sauce and your meal is ready to go!

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