Saturday, September 03, 2011

Stir Fry Eggplant with minced Pork & Tofu ^^

Last night, I am thinking what to cook for tomorrow dinner.
Then I come up with the idea of eggplant with minced pork together.
Maybe some onions and tofu would make it more tasty.
Okay, then I cooked this simple dish for my hubby : Tender eggplant with soft tofu and a bit of pork and onion flavour.
As you can see : Simple Ingredients
Slice the onion, cut the tofu into cubes and cut the eggplant into
long rectangular shape.

For a little bit of meat, I use some minced pork in this dish.

The deep frying process is going on :)
I deep fried the eggplant a bit just to make partially cooked it,
and also to make it more tender.

After the deep frying, the eggplant looks more golden and shinny in colour ^^
Then you can proceed to the stir fry.
Put into the minced pork after the onions, then add some water and put in any seasoning that you like like
oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil and a bit of salt/sugar and pepper to taste.
I am sure you can find all these simple seasoning at your kitchen.
Put in the egg plant after the sauce start simmering, let the eggplant absorb the sauce,
cook it for few minutes just to let it more tender and cook more through.
Put in the tofu lastly, cook for 2 minutes then thicken you sauce by using some corn flour water.
Then, dinner is served!!

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