Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Fondant Cake with ME TO YOU BEAR

Attempt on me to you bear again.
For me, its 80% alike with the real one.
Hard to make it so detail.

Having fun in making the bear.
Though the hardest part is covering the cake with red fondant,
as red fondant is a bit more softer compared to the white one,
so I have to be more careful when rolling it and place it on the cake.
I got all my hand coloured into, have to be careful not to have the red colour onto
everywhere including your decorations and the white border.
I run over my fondant embosser wheel along the white bottom border to create dotted
line on both top and bottom of the border.
The cake looks prettier now!
I an still having problem in having smooth fondant covered on the cake.
The bottom always get wrinkle and I have to adjust it a lot.
It is so hard to get a well done bottom without any mess or wrinkles.
But of course now I learnt the technique,
and getting more likely used to it and confident!

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