Sunday, February 26, 2012

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake for Doris & Jennifer

An order from my ex classmate Doris, she asked me to cut the cake into 10 portions.
 Again, nice and soft cheesecake served cold is the best.
The cake below is for a new customer of mine in KK, Jennifer Leong.

Hope that both of them will like this cake :)
A slice for me and my family too^^ Look at the nice and soft texture :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake for His Dad

The cotton cheese cake is good for this time, just that it cracks a bit on the top so I was having a hard time in covering the crack with decoration hahahaha

Taste was good too, shrinkage is perfect with less wrinkle around the side :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

After so many times trying on the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, finally here I come out a beautiful one with very little shrinkage and looks spongy, so happy^^ 

Here I found few tricks in baking cotton cheesecake after so many attempts and testing: 
  1. Turn off the fan in your oven, as with fan the temperature of your oven gets hotter which leads to the cracking on the top of your cake/shorten the cooking time/cake rise very high/greater shrinkage during cooling.
  2. Preferably using loose pan instead of normal cake tin.
  3. While whisking your egg white, add in few drops of lemon juice to stabilize the meringue.
  4. Make sure the cream cheese batter is completely cold/at room temperature before you mix it with the meringue.
  5. Divide and pour the cream cheese batter into the meringue in 3-4 times, fold gently until well combined. *cream cheese batter is to be mixed into meringue, not the other way round to avoid lumps and improper mixed meringue.
  6. Instead of immersing the cake tin that has been wrapped with aluminum foil inside the water bath, put a stand below of the cake tin over a tray of of water. In this way you can eliminate the risk of having the water slipping into the cake and save your aluminum foil.
  7. Line the bottom and side of your cake tin with baking paper, need not to grease with anything.
  8. Bake the cake at the lowest rack in the oven, use top and bottom fire setting.
  9. If the top of the cake seems to brown very quickly during baking, place a piece of aluminum foil on the top. 
  10. Always check the cake during the baking session, if the top start to crack, lower the temperature a bit or slightly open the oven door, that's only if you want to have a nice smooth surface :)
  11. Bake the cake at 145-150 degree celcius for 1 hour and 20 minutes, check the center of the cake by inserting a stick, it should have come out clean.
  12. Slightly open your oven door during the last 10-15 minutes of baking time so that the cake can shrink slowly before you take it out from the oven.
  13. Leave the cake in the oven with door ajar for 5-10 minutes before taking it out.
  14. Wait for the cake to cool down a bit, then remove the baking paper around the side, if you are using loose pan, remove the ring after 10 minutes out from he oven. For normal cake tin, remove the baking paper around the side by pulling it out gently.
  15. Do not overturn the cake until it cools down completely to avoid breakage.
  16. Chill the cake in the fridge before overturn in so that it set harder and easy when overturn it.
  17. When overturning the cake, I also place a layer of cling wrap on the top to protect the top surface of the cake. Overturn the cake on an even surface, remove the baking paper at the bottom.
Hope these tips can assist you in making your cotton cheesecake, good luck!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bobby's order for swiss rolls and cakes, first massive job for me!

My first and biggest order since the last 6 months, a return customer as usual - BOBBY
He ordered quite a few items in a go, as you can see there's chocolate, pandan and durian swiss rolls + oreo cake + pandan chiffon cake and Japanese cotton cheesecake.
This is really a challenge for me, working in the kitchen will not be easy when you have to keep washing dish hahaha

Well at least I manage to finish all on time just before I go back to Malaysia tomorrow weeeeee
Hope he will like all the goods and please do come back again if you really like my food, thank you so much for your business Bobby!
Appreciated deeply in my heart!

Durian Swiss Roll with Meringue


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Oreo Cream Cake & Oreo Cheesecake

I am so happy with my baked oreo cheesecake this time, specially requested by WAYNE.
I hope he will like the creamy texture of the cheese with delicate oreo flavour ^^
Not much decoration, just simply some piped whipped cream and oreo biscuit :)
Even the customer didnt ask for the decoration, but I think everyone love to eat a pretty looking cake isnt?

I am not using oreo biscuit as the base, its too costly and when you bake it is tends
to release lots of oil.
So I prefer using sweet biscuit as it also taste good, no problem in baking them in the oven.

Thats how my cheesecake look like before I decorate, finally
I know how to bake a cheesecake with no cracked top
and brownish side :)

It is very simple:

Grease your pan well.
Bake it over a bain marie for 45-50 minutes.
When its baked, leave it on the oven with door ajar and place a pan or bowl
on the top of the cake so that it cools down slowly :)

This oreo cream cake is for Bobby, he is having a gathering at his house
so he ordered a cake, I guess he likes oreo haha.
This cake it made of sponge layer with oreo cream cheese in between,
covered with whipped cream and some piped oreo cream cheese
over the top and bottom.
I also sprinkle some crushed oreo biscuit on the top and garnish with some oreo biscuit,
plus some dripping ganache around the side ^^
I am happy with the look of the cake :) What do you think?

Woooo, dripping ganache around the side.
I am falling in love with this technique and I think I am getting better and better hehehe

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

7'' Mushroom & Bacon Quiche

Seem like my customer likes my quiche with sweet pastry as he orders again hehehe
He says just a last order before I go back to Malaysia, well of course I am happy, what a nice feedback for me^^
This is an 7'' quiche, with mushroom and bacon.
I am putting a lot of mushroom and bacon, combine with the savoury egg custard it is just perfect!
Well, for return customer I always give them a better deal as I really appreciate their business and I will always welcome them when they are back again hehe
Look at the bacon and mushroom, not sure whether everyone has tasted quiche with sweet pastry shell or not but I can tell you the taste is special and extraordinary than using savoury pastry.
I like it, this is acceptable for some people but as you know sometimes savoury also combine very well with a bit of sweetness :)

During the baking, the quiche rise up and pop up just like the picture, cute yea? 
Cut and ready to be picked up by Wayne hehe
He requested it to be cut so I done that for him, another chance for me to snap
on the cross section kekeke :p

Monday, February 06, 2012

7'' Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake for Jina

I am making this cake for my friend's sis which is interested in buying cake from me. T
his is the first cake for initial testing, so it is very important that they like it so that I can get business from them in the future ^^
I make them this mousse cake as my friends that have tasted it all say it was good, so I guess this is what I should make for them which I am confident in ^^

I am using regular ganache and make dripping effect around the side, it appear to be slimmer as the ganache is thinner in state not like the mirror glaze which is thicker.

I hope that they will love this cake ^^
Simple decorations with fresh strawberries and chocolate pieces :)
Side look, the dripping effect is done neater andnaturally,
 no more bulky around the side haha

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Simple Vegetables and Fish Fillet Soup

Hmm gonna have something simple and healthy tonight ^^
Let's make some soup with some vegetables hehehe

Choy Sum
Bean Sprouts (braised with hot water, drained  and set aside for later use)
chopped shallot
chopped garlic
fish fillet (marinated with zhao xin wine+soy sauce+pepper and some sugar)
deep fried shallot & spring onion as garnish

chicken powder
soy sauce
cooking rice wine
zhao xin wine
sesame oil

How to:
(a) In a pot, over a medium flame heat up some oil and stir fry the shallot and garlic for 1 minute until the aroma comes out.
(b) Add in the fish and stir fry for another 2 minutes then add in enough water until it just slightly cover the fish.
(c) Wait until the water boils the adjust the taste, add in more salt/soy sauce and pepper  + rice wine+chicken powder+sesame oil+sugar.
(d) Add in the choy sum and cook for another few minutes.
(e) Serve the soup with some bean sprouts and top with some spring onion and deep fried shallot.

I really love this soup, my hubby is having it with steam rice and he is enjoying it ^^
I am using fish fillet in the soup as I love fish plus I want to have some meat in the soup
or hubby gonna complain XD
This is really of a healthy dinner with less oil and more vegetables.
You may also substitute the fish with chicken or pork, or choose any of your favourite vegetables!
It is always my favourite to have some spring onion or shallot on my soups hehehe

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pandan Chiffon Cake for GIN

Here again I am making pandan chiffon, everyone seems to love it :)
I make this specially for my fiends who is craving for chiffon cake.
This time the cake texture is even rise higher than last time, more moist yet spongy.
And well, the colour looks ok hahahaha
I am bringing this over to them at Gin's house for lunch tomorrow.
I am happy with this cake, I am sure they will like it too :)

Everyone seems to love this cake and they all say that it is very nice,
both texture and the flavour ^^

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Red Velvet Indulgence

One of my customer has returned back for another 10'' cake for her colleague farewell party.
She is after a red velvet cake and she loves the design of my first red velvet cake, which is full of mini roses on the top and white chocolate pieces around the side.
I am actually quite confident in making this cake after so many times of taking order for birthday cake.
I hope I can make something the would please them and they would love my work and taste of the cake.
Pink roses and rope borders cream cheese frosting on the cake, and also white chocolate pieces on the side with lovely hearts pattern :)
It looks so girly for me, but I think she will definitely love it :)

It is ready to be delivered to PEI^^
With some red velvet crumbs, I also make them into these red velvet
ball coated with Cadbury Milk Chocolate.
It is nice to eat and it is a sweet delight which I think every girl will love this ^^

And also with some of the red velvet cake batter, I make them into these little
cupcakes piped with pink cream cheese frosting :)

Tamago Egg & Ebi Prawn Sushi + Miso Soup

Thinking of making sushi, hmm since I want to try making tamago egg then let's make some
sushi with tamago egg and my favourite prawn ^^
I also topped some caviar on my tamago sushi, I love caviar, howbout you?
I just enjoy when the caviar burst in my mouth, like "pop" "pop" sound keep knocking in my brain hehehe
You can get the ebi prawn in store, frozen one and the caviar too.
Just cook some sushi rice and mix it with some sushi vinegar and ready to make your own sushi!
First time doing this is fun, but maybe just less rice for each sushi next time hahaha
Now I have learnt to have a pot of clean water beside me when making the sushi,
as you want to keep your hand wet or the rice will stick onto you hand
and you can't get rid of it hahaha
Everyone can try it out at home!
I make my own tamago egg at home this morning, hmm I reckon not too bad huh?
With sushi meal, of course there has to be something liquid such as miso soup.
It is very convenient as you can get miso paste in store easily, just simple add in any veggies you like.
I add in more seaweed and tofu into my miso soup, also extra spring onion in the soup yummmmmm