Monday, April 23, 2012

8'' Butter Cake

Today is a very nice Sunday, done a lot of things.
Relax yet a busy weekends~~~~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soft and Q Pandan Pudding :)

It has been a while since last time I blogged, I am busy working and got no extra time :(
Finally I got a perfect pandan pudding that are specially requested by my customer,
I hope he likes the new version of my pandan pudding.
Maybe I should say he will find that this is what he is looking for hahahaha...

This adjusted version of my pudding is softer and not too dry, the texture is between jelly
and kuih so I think should taste very nice.
Amount of sweetness is perfect, I also love the shinny look when I just unmould it from the cake tin.
Taaa Da, unmoulded perfectly from the cake tin yay it looks shinny with no air bubbles ^^
I really feel like cutting through the pudding and see how's the texture ehehehe
The texture is set properly but not too firm which is what I am looking for all the time,
now I have finally made it :D
I can even hold the slice on my hand without breaking it but still taste Q and moist :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pork Floss Onigri

It is my day off today, hubby is off to work this morning.
I wake up quite early today, have a cup of coffee and I see some remaining sushi rice in the container.
Will be cooking tonight, so let's prepare some lunch to bring to work fro tomorrow!

I feel like making onigiri since it is very easy and I have got some pork floss to go with it ^^
This onigiri mould is just so useful, I bought this in Malaysia which is so much cheaper in price.
You can make two standard and even size onigiri at the same time with you favourite fillings or ingredients :)

The only thing you have to do is cook the rice, mix it with some sushi vinegar and get ready some pork floss.
I stuff the pork floss on the middle, then press the mould tightly and there you go, a nicely shaped onigiri ^^

I have also decorated with some seaweed, I am sure this will enhance hubby's appetite hahaha
Who doesn't like pretty stuff?

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Butter Cake for Wayne + Tiramisu Mousse Cake with Biscuit base for Hudson

Everyone must have eaten butter cake before, nice and rich butter flavour cake is always the most suitable item for afternoon tea or simply a break snack.

I get this recipe from my mum which she learnt it from her sifu.
This is such a nice and tasty recipe yet simple to make.

Normally people order tiramisu cake, not tiramisu mousse because what I think is that
tiramisu only have very little sponge or sponge fingers that soaked in expresso and the rest is the creamy filling.
One my customer loves mousse cake and he wants everything in mousse form, so he requested this tiramisu mousse  cake with biscuit base :)

 I am having some time t give it a thought of how to make this as he doesn't want any sponge/sponge fingers in btw of the mousse.
So I did a layers of coffee mousse on the bottom, followed by the normal one on second layer then dusted with cocoa powder.
It does taste like tiramisu but without any sponge in btw at the same time, very nice and soft eating texture :)

I hope he will like this cake, although is its softer than normal mousse cake.
Hopefully the taste of the cake can satisfy him as well as his taste bud ^^

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pandan Layer Cake

This cake is so popular and requested by every of my friend in KK, but the first person that asking me to do this is one of my regular customer from Melbourne :)

Pandan layer cake is generally pandan sponge/chiffon layers with pandan jelly custard in between, so it is more like having kuih and cake at the same.time
The taste is very unique with strong pandan flavour :)
I do also covered the cake with a bit of coconut,  pandan is actually a good friend with coconut.
For my first Pandan Layer Cake, the layers squeezed together a bit so not clearly seen.
The top jelly is very thick while the bottom 2 was very thin.
Don't worry, the next pandan cake will be perfect hehehehehe

The chiffon shrink a lot when come out from the oven, I guess this is because I greased the tin.
Next time I shall do the chiffon sponge without greasing the pan and see what will happen :P
The cake is sliced and ready into box to be delivered to the birthday boy^^
I hope he likes the cake and Happy Birthday to Will :)