Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pork Floss Onigri

It is my day off today, hubby is off to work this morning.
I wake up quite early today, have a cup of coffee and I see some remaining sushi rice in the container.
Will be cooking tonight, so let's prepare some lunch to bring to work fro tomorrow!

I feel like making onigiri since it is very easy and I have got some pork floss to go with it ^^
This onigiri mould is just so useful, I bought this in Malaysia which is so much cheaper in price.
You can make two standard and even size onigiri at the same time with you favourite fillings or ingredients :)

The only thing you have to do is cook the rice, mix it with some sushi vinegar and get ready some pork floss.
I stuff the pork floss on the middle, then press the mould tightly and there you go, a nicely shaped onigiri ^^

I have also decorated with some seaweed, I am sure this will enhance hubby's appetite hahaha
Who doesn't like pretty stuff?