Thursday, April 05, 2012

Butter Cake for Wayne + Tiramisu Mousse Cake with Biscuit base for Hudson

Everyone must have eaten butter cake before, nice and rich butter flavour cake is always the most suitable item for afternoon tea or simply a break snack.

I get this recipe from my mum which she learnt it from her sifu.
This is such a nice and tasty recipe yet simple to make.

Normally people order tiramisu cake, not tiramisu mousse because what I think is that
tiramisu only have very little sponge or sponge fingers that soaked in expresso and the rest is the creamy filling.
One my customer loves mousse cake and he wants everything in mousse form, so he requested this tiramisu mousse  cake with biscuit base :)

 I am having some time t give it a thought of how to make this as he doesn't want any sponge/sponge fingers in btw of the mousse.
So I did a layers of coffee mousse on the bottom, followed by the normal one on second layer then dusted with cocoa powder.
It does taste like tiramisu but without any sponge in btw at the same time, very nice and soft eating texture :)

I hope he will like this cake, although is its softer than normal mousse cake.
Hopefully the taste of the cake can satisfy him as well as his taste bud ^^

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Ola said...

it looks lovely! I must admit I love the tradtional one:)

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