Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soft and Q Pandan Pudding :)

It has been a while since last time I blogged, I am busy working and got no extra time :(
Finally I got a perfect pandan pudding that are specially requested by my customer,
I hope he likes the new version of my pandan pudding.
Maybe I should say he will find that this is what he is looking for hahahaha...

This adjusted version of my pudding is softer and not too dry, the texture is between jelly
and kuih so I think should taste very nice.
Amount of sweetness is perfect, I also love the shinny look when I just unmould it from the cake tin.
Taaa Da, unmoulded perfectly from the cake tin yay it looks shinny with no air bubbles ^^
I really feel like cutting through the pudding and see how's the texture ehehehe
The texture is set properly but not too firm which is what I am looking for all the time,
now I have finally made it :D
I can even hold the slice on my hand without breaking it but still taste Q and moist :)


Anonymous said...

how do you make this? hahaha.. mind sharing the recipe?

lena said...

the texture looks great! it's so hot here and seeing this makes me want to have a slice or two!

Miko said...

MInd Share this recipe with more detail? I've been looking for this recipe long time ago.