Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pink Roses Theme Birthday Cake for HIM

Recently I learn how to do simple buttercream icing rose piping on cakes and cupcakes, and wanted to do it for my hubby's birthday on mini square chocolate cake.
Instead of just only mini cakes, I also decided to make a small round roses cake  which is what I always wanted to try after getting inspiration from my favourite blogs :)
And of course, will make it pink in colours for roses theme.
Roses round cake surrounded by mini square chocolate cakes with buttercream icing^^

Surprise for him on the night before his real birthdayyyy

The piping of buttercream roses look ok for me, but definitely gonna make it better
and tighter petals arrangement next time. What do you think?????
I think he loves the cake although its a bit sweet but he get very surprise with the roses cake hehe~~
Its his favourite chocolate cake with butter cream icing!

I bake a try of square cake and slice it into little blocks, they are not really even in size
and perfect square in shape.
 But it really need a flat top surface to pipe on the roses perfectly :D
I am trying on another chocolate cake recipe which is much more simple
and easy to make, the batter looks good.
But I think I need to reduce the batter quantity in the cake tin next time
as it rises too much, everything pop up and make lots of mess.
This is what I want because the sides rise up together instead just the middle
part which happens to my previous chocolate cake recipe.
I guess the previous recipe is suitable for cupcakes while
this one is suitable for round cakes :)

I spread the buttercream in the middle with 2 colours, layer of pink and layer of white.

Then slightly I cover the cake with butter cream cheese frosting,
But I think next time I will be using only cream cheese and no butter
because the texture is just so weird and sort of like splitting which I have 
no idea why is this happening.
Hmm maybe thinner frosting on the top next time, as once I cut the cake,
the frosting on the top is a bit thick oppssssss
Then after that I pipe on the large roses all over the cake
using wilton tip, I fill the hollow space with swirls
which what I learn from my favourite blog hehehehehehehehehe
See the cross section of the cake, pink colour combined with the chocolate
cake perfectly, the 2 colour buttercream icing in the middle make it looks so pretty~~~~
I didnt do this on purpose but just that I have an unused batch of white buttercream icing ^^
but the top side frosting seem to be too thick hahahaha

Now he is enjoying the cake, I like the taste of the cake.
Chocolate cake goes with cream cheese buttercream icing,
its such a good combination, I really love the cream cheese taste in my frosting! When you store the cake in the fridge,
its not gonna go rock hard like the butter icing because cream cheese tends to be softer and of course tastes better ^^
Hope he will like for what I did during this special 24th birthday :) LOVE YOU

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