Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chocolate Mousse Cake with Shinny Coating

This is my second time making chocolate mousse cake, everything is good and the mousse sets up firmly in the fridge. I coat the whole cake with the shinny glaze this time, this is my first time doing this so its  a bit excited and worry.

Well, it comes out pretty good for the first time I guess.
Next time, I think I should be more patient just to wait for the glaze temperature to drop down a bit
more so that I will have thicker layer of glaze on the cake and also smoother surface with glaze
at the right temperature :p

I am trying to make the cake design as simple as possible, so I just put like few
chocolate buttons on the top with gold dust. The main thing is to show on the shinny glaze,
so if the top it too complicated with decorations, it will just lost its speciality hahahahaha

But everything is fine, just that its a bit hard to move the cake
from here to there after the glaze coating.

As you want the bottom to be perfect, but mousse cake is just
too soft to be moved to the cake board without any mess.
So I have to pipe on the ganache borders on the bottonm to cover the imperfections (wanted to do some chocolate pieces but its too troublesome) which affect my original design :p but overally I am happy with the look of this cake

What do you think?????
Before the shiny coating.
Looks at the mousse and sponge layers heeeee
The smooth mousse with chocolate sponge just make everythin combined perfectly.

I am very happy with the taste and so do my guest, everyone has like 2 slices and we 6 people
finish the whole cake hahahahaha :D

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