Monday, December 26, 2011

Little Hearts Cookies for just Me & Him, Our 7th Anniversary

Time flies so quickly and its our 7th anniversary today, a special 26th of Dec for both of us :)
Can you believe it, its 7 years?!
I remember 7 years ago, we meet up with each other in KK plaza, and then chemistry happen btw us on that day hehehehe

We went through 4 years of long distance and finally we have a chance to stay close to each other in Melbourne, which is what we have hoped for since the first few years.
There's lots of things happen these years and we have to go through a lot of obstacles

and we did solve every single problems very well :)

Its our 3rd year staying in Melbourne, so glad that you are staying beside me all the time.
We achieved and got what we have always hoped for, I know
is gonna be hard especially in your career but I will always support you hubby!
Let's work hard on everything and live beautifully in Melbourne ^^

We both have changed a lot in both negative and positive ways but
what we should be glad of is that every fight make us closer and closer to each other^^

Just wanna let you know that I always love you and care about you from time to time.
Love you hubby and happy 7th anniversary!
Little heart shape cookies made with love to remember such a memorable day ^^

Just between you and me, zero distance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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