Saturday, December 03, 2011

Egg Tart

My first egg tart attempt, I have decided to make egg tarts for my guests that are coming
over for xander's early birthday celebration party. Who doesn't love egg tarts??????
I am using the recipe from
which is one of my favourite food blog ^^

You can visit it for different kinds of delicious recipe and get some new ideas
for everyday cooking :)
I am using my own short crust pastry recipe, 
which is ratio 1:2:3 - castor sugar : butter : flour, plus 1-2 large egg.
Normally I am using 300g of flour and adjust the ratio for other ingredients, you should be able to get enough dough and even extra for next time use.
You can freeze the pastry in freezer and keep it up to 2 months just in case you have extra :)

You can find the working method of the pastry under the shortcrust pastry section - the lemon meringue and lemon brulee pie. You shall no have any problem is doing it ^^
Adjust the amount of egg and flour if the dough is too dry or sticky.

The egg tart filling recipe from
This egg tart recipe is just so good, very creamy and pudding-liked
texture with right amount of sweetness and egg taste^^
I seldom make tart goods, so I guess I might be having a little bit problem in getting
the pastry perfectly into the aluminium tart case.
Once I roll out my pastry (cold and firm) and cut them with a round cutter (the one which suits the size of you aluminium case perfectly, usually it should be bigger than the case.)
Anyways, I slightly grease the case before I line the pastry into the case so that you can get
the egg tart out easily without any difficulties.
I also chill the ready case in fridge for around 1 hour before the next step.

At first when I make the egg tart filling, I am thinking its a bit runny that I imagine, but probably it is just how it should look like.
I strain the filling before I begin pouring them into the pastry case because sometimes the egg might not be properly mix and you still can see the unbeaten egg yolk and whites.

I pour the filling into the cold pastry case until it is 90% full, not very full as I know it would rise up a bit in the oven and you don't want to see anything spilling out from the tart case when you bake them in the oven hahahahahaha.

Bake them at 180 degrees celcius for 25 minutes, and they are ready when you touch the middle surface and feel them a bit bubbly :)
Let them to cool down for at least 20 minutes before you tap them out from the aluminium case, make sure you do it gently and do not break the egg tart! 
It should come off easily if you did grease the aluminium case at the beginning.

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