Thursday, December 08, 2011

First Sushi fun at home - California Maki

First time ever, I am making sushi at home~~~~
And tonight I am making my favourite sushi - california maki ^^

What I have used in the sushi making is:
sushi rice
sushi vinegar
seaweed sheet
bamboo mat
crab stick

* an additional of caviar and some toasted white sesame will make it perfect
but I don't manage to get it today in the market :(
Well just make everything simple for the first time!

The sushi KING is preparing the ingredients for me hahahahaha
I have no problem in cooking the rice,
well just follow the instruction behind the package XD
Then get the ingredients ready such as cutting the cucumber and avocado.
Me myself prefer avocado, in Melbourne people do have
avocado as part of their meal/sauce and also in the sushi roll,
which is what I found its different than what I have had in Malaysia.
And guess what you wouldn't know that avocado can be so yummy
until the day I come to Melbourne ^^

The start the sushi rolling once you get everything ready.
It definitely better if you can slightly roast the seaweed sheet
in the oven for 1-2 minute to get rid all of the moisture so that it will be more crispy.
The rolling of sushi for first time is kinda difficult, especially when you wanna have it
tightly rolled and everything secure inside the seaweed.
I manage to roll in perfectly after the first time,  get all the air squeezed out and
have all of the hollow space filled :)

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