Thursday, December 29, 2011

Salmon and Prawn Onigiri & Lunch Bento

My first onigiri that I made at home.
This is the most simple and easy cuisine to make yet less oily and healthy :)
My hubby friend's ask me whether I know how to make onigiri because his sister likes it a lot,
then I remember that I used to have it in a japanese restaurant in GPO centre in the city.
The one I had is with crispy seaweed as you play around with the onigiri while eating it because the seaweed is separated from the rice, you only wrap it by yourself when you are gonna eat it so it stay crispy and it does make lots of difference hehehehe

I am using normal sushi rice, sushi vinegar and seaweed.
You can make it into any flavour you want, I am doing the salmon and prawn one ^^

For the prawn one, I mix the rice with parsley flake so that it has a bit of green colour.
Then I wrap the prawn cutlets (pan fried with pepper and salt + bits of sugar) into the rice, shape it into triangle and wrap a piece of seaweed underneath.

While for the salmon one, I pan fried the salmon on a pan and smashed it with a fork into tiny piece.
I pan fried until its golden and crispy, season with some salt and pepper.
The I mix the salmon into the sushi rice + black sesame (looks more colourful).
You can wrap some salmon inside as well but I didnt do it because its too sticky hahahaha
And also I use leftover rice and make it into fried rice with some vegetables,
then sides with prawns and hard-boiled egg + seaweed :)
This bento is for his lunch tomorrow~~~~
Happy cooking~~~~~~~

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Kris Ngoei said...

Such a nice and warm dish for New Year celebration! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wish you all the luck and joy for years to come!