Saturday, December 03, 2011

Tiramisu Cake

Hmm my first tiramisu for his 24th birthday.
Never thought of making tiramisu, but I need to have something new in my menu!
So, during his birthday celebration, I made a rectangle size tiramisu.
With chocolate piece, fresh strawberries, sponge finger around the cake and a white ribbon for decoration.

The cake is previously dusted with lots of cocoa powder before I put on any decoration,
and because the cocoa will soak up the moisture of the cake
so I have to keep on dusting to cover the wet area.
I guess this is the major problem of tiramisu!
I also dusted some icing sugar to make it look more snowy
during this very special december 2011 :)
The randomly placing of the strawberries make the cake
look more colourful with bits of red colour :)
A slice of tiramisu for him, everything set quite nice.
At first I thought the tiramisu filling is a bit soft and
worry that the cake wont stay in shape :(
But then I know this is how it should be, as long as you
chill in very cold in the fridge before serving you shouldn't
have any problem in cutting in out perfectly.
No people wanna have a slice of rubbery texture tiramisu I guess.
Look at the centre, the sponge finger soaked in expresso
and the soft mascarpone cream.
The taste is pretty good,
everything combine together and the taste is wonderful :)
The flavour of sponge finger, mascarpone, coffe and
cocoa powder give this cake a perfect combination ^^
I hope my guests will like this, and of course
will be adding this tiramisu into my birthday cake orders
from now on heheheheheheheh~~~

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Unknown said...

AooooSo incredible beautiful! I never seem something like this. How did you made the tiramisu out of a cake pan?