Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tree Cookies

Today I made this Christmas Tree icing cookies, wish everyone a merry christmas^^
With extra cookies that I have made, I also finish them the some royal icing piped around
the edges and decorated with some sugar pearls and icing sugar^^

And also my handcrafted santa claus, snowman, gift boxes gumpaste decorations and ;)
They are made of out of plain vanilla cookies in star shape,
I am using like 5 different sizes of star cookie cutter and
a round cookie cutter for the base.

For the christmas tree, I am using 3 for each sizes of the cookies,
you can use only 2 for each sizes if you after shorter tree.
I start by piping a thick royal icing in circular motion
on the round base cookie that has been placed on a small plate .

Royal icing is of a very stiff consistency that you still can
see the star pattern of the once you pipe it out.

p/s: I am using a star nozzle, not the smallest one but I think
is the second smallest tip.
I don't have to wait for the icing to dry up, I immediately stick on the first biggest
size of my star cookies on the base.
Then I pipe on a little icing around the edges line by releasing the pressure, while you slowly pull the piping bag away from the cookie.
After I done this, I fill in the inner space randomly with lots of spiky stars with royal icing.
Then keep on carrying with another biggest size of the cookie, repeat the step above until
you finish the smallest size of the star cookie.
Finally, I also put on silver sugar pearls that acting like
the colour bulbs hanging around the christmas tree which make it looks prettier :)
And also, a star gumpaste decoration on the top on the tree, I sprayed mine
with some gold glaze ^^ You can also use extra cookies for the top on
by applying some edible gold paint/dust or spray :)

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