Friday, December 16, 2011

Dark Soy Honey & Garlic Drumsticks

Tonight, I made this simple drumsticks for dinner.
I bought the drumsticks in the market yesterday, and I marinate it overnight
in the fridge the day before so that the taste will soak into the meat deeply.
I only use very simple sauce like soy sauce, dark soy sauce, pepper, sugar, bits of chilli and rice wine
to marinate the chicken. You can use chicken wings or maryland as well :)

I place the chicken and the sauce in a sandwich bag and seal in properly
in the fridge, by doing this you can simply rotate and rub the bag without using your bare hand whenever you want to mix the chicken during the marinating time.
And the chicken will be properly marinated in the bag too,
if you can vacuum seal the bag it will be perfect ^^

I pan fried the chicken (only chicken, not the sauce) on a hot pan with some oil and garlic,
keep rotating the drumsticks during the cooking to ensure it to be evenly cooked because my drumsticks a bit big while at the same time I also brush on extra soy sauce
mix with a bit of sugar (I prefer sweeter taste).
I also put on the pan cover, sort of like half simmer half pan
fried and at last I brush on a layer of honey even on the drumsticks prior to plating.

P/S : only brush on the honey lastly because if you brush it too early you might
have burned the honey which result in dark-like burned colour on the drumsticks.
Brush on the honey lastly also ensure that you can taste the aroma and sweetness of honey
prior to serving.

Not sure whether if you want to put on the garlic because garlic gets burn very easily especially during long cooking time, you might neglect adding in the garlic if necessary, it wont affect the taste :)

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