Saturday, December 31, 2011

Durian Cake for NEW YEAR 2012

I specially make this durian cake for new year eve dinner with my friends,
it is a sponge cake layers with durian cream.
I make it into long rectangle shape, pipe with durian cream and make lines along the side with my frosting comb.
Okay the piping is a bit messy and the writing is not neat as the cake is not even in height but everything is ok, at least its stable and stays in shape haha!!!!!
I think smoothing a square/rectangle shape cake is harder than a around cake :p

3 layers of sponge with durian cream sandwiched in the middle :)
Time to serve it to my guests ~~~~~~~ 
The bigger slice is for him heeeeeeeeee
As you can see from further distance, the layers looks so drooling for me :p
Its yumm  and not so heavy with the sponge cake, very durian with the cream
and they all like it, happy!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 everyone and wish you have a new refreshing year in 2012!

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Paris Pastry said...

Soooo pretty! The inside looks even more spectacular than the outside :) Have a very happy & healthy new year!