Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Steamed Malay Cake (马来糕)

My all time favourite in Dim Sum Restaurant - Malay Cake
I found this recipe in my favourite blog which I have just followed recently.
For the recipe, please visit :

Spongy and moist texture, its different than what I had in the restaurant, its more like cake texture. Still it tastes good!
After I add few drops of yellow colouring, this is how the malay cake looks like!
It is a heavy and shinny batter, you mat find that it wont
stick to the plastic bowl once you add in the oil.

In the steamer.

It is cooked! It rises up a lot in the steamer

Once I unmould it, I find that the cake it a bit heavy like cake texture. It is not as fluffy as the one I have in restaurant, but if you serve while its hot it still taste pretty good like vanilla cake. It a very good recipe and for those who loves cake should really try this out!
If you want to reheat it, just simple pace it in a steamer for 5 minutes before serving,
it taste very good as a warm dessert and I am sure everyone will love it :)

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