Monday, December 12, 2011

Sour Pickled Vegetables Tomato and Fish Fillet Soup 酸菜番茄鱼片汤

Hi all, I cook this soup for tonight's dinner, extremely delicious 
and appetising to go with bowl of steam rice :)
I miss the taste of fish head soup in Malaysia, comes with the flavour of picked veggies and tomato.
I remember I use to have fish head mihun soup a lot in Malaysia especially when I am on diet,
because it just very delicious with lower calories than other meals :p
So I roughly remember the ingredients  and made this soup according to the my feeling hehehehehe

I list down what I have use for this soup,
you may substitute or add more ingredients according to personal preference :

1 x pack sour pickled vegetable (preserved vegetable)
2-3 large size fish fillet (I use basa fish fillet)
1 medium size onion
2 x medium size tomato
slices of ginger / minced ginger

Seasoning :

chicken powder
soy sauce
zhao xin wine (optional)
chinese cooking rice wine (optional)
sesame oil (optional)
deep fried shallot ( for garnish, optional)

*optional is not necessary, but with this there will be more flavour in the soup :)

(a) Wash and remove the core of the tomato, make a cross by using a knife
on the bottom of tomato.
(b) In a pot of hot water, blanch the tomato for 30 second and then scoop out to be
immersed into cold water immediately.
(c) Peel off the tomato skin and slice into 4-5 wedges.

How to:
(a) I boil a pot(medium or large pot ) of hot water while I am doing the rest of the preparation.
(b) Cut the fish fillet into small pieces, marinate it with
2 tsp of minced ginger / 7-8 slice of ginger + 2 tsp of sugar + 1.5 tsp of pepper
+ 2 tbsp of soy sauce + a cap of zhao xin wine.
Set aside for later use.
(c) I open the packet of preserved veggie, drain off all of the juices and cut in into smaller size.
You may not use all of the veggies, maybe around 80% from the packet, 

but you can finish using them as well :)
(d) Wash and peel of the tomato skin, cut into 4-5 wedges size.
(e) Cut the onion into smaller cube size.
(f) Once the water boils, add in the onion, preserved veggies and tomato.
(g) Put in seasoning like 1 tsp of chicken powder, salt & pepper, bits of sugar, 

more soy sauce if you prefer and around 3-4 caps of rice wine.
(h) Wait for the water boils, then add in the marinated fish fillets, stir gently
and wait until the soup boils again.
(i) Taste the soup again, adjust the flavour by adding more water or seasoning, boil it
for another 5 minutes, then add in around 2 tsp of sesame oil.
(j) Serve while it is still hot with some deep fried shallot, enjoy!

I am very satisfied with the taste of the soup, it comes out so good and make me crave for more:)
I can say its better than the one I made last year with vermicelli hahahahaha, I guess its because
of the zhao xin wine and rice wine!
And of course, if you want this soup to go with vermicelli,
make the taste stronger with a bit more salt or soy sauce as vermicelli
 often makes everything to be a bit more tasteless due to the natural taste of the rice content.

I use the tomato and preserved veggies to obtain the sourness,
onion for the sweetness, while fish for the seafood flavour. You can try it with different seafood too
such as prawn or squid, you may replace the fish fillet with fishballs as well :)
This bowl of light and appetising soup with the tenderness of you own choice of fish
plus the aroma of sesame oil and deep fried shallot makes my day and I definitely gonna make
this again in the future! Me and my hubby love it so much :)

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