Monday, December 05, 2011

7 '' Dark Chocolate Cake for Agnes's Birthday

A smaller version of dark chocolate cake.
Its harder to work on smaller size cake for me,
the ganache is not so smooth this time which I feel pretty annoy :(
Smooth it for thousand time but I think because of the size of the cake and the
soft ganache, smoothing the cake becomes harder.
That's why I need to cover it with the square chocolate piece around the cake hahahaha
Yea I am very tired today so didn't really do too much details on the cake,
the cutting if the square pieces are messy in the edge because I didn't use the hot knife.
I also did something different on my cake this time,
with a flower-liked shape ganache border filled with chocolate glaze :)
Maybe need to pipe on the borders with no mess next time and fill in the glaze more carefully
and try to get rid of the mini air bubbles on the surfaces.
Everything looks pretty well done, what do you think?????
It is a good try on something different this time XD

Overall, the cake looks ok except for the ganache which doesn't look as smooth as last time :(
Hope this will be ok for her and enjoy the cake!

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