Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pistachio and Cranberries Biscotti

I love biscotti so much, especially the almond biscotti.
Almond is so expensive which causes the biscotti to be sale at very high price too.
I made almond biscotti once in few years time ago, and its just so delicious!
And this time, I saw a biscotti recipe in the lastest DONNA HAY magazine.

Its a pistachio and cranberry biscotti which looks so pretty with the green and red colour
of cranberry and pistachio nuts :)

Pistachio is more expensive than almond, but I want to try this and see how
does this biscotti taste with cranberries and pistachio ^^
And the recipe is very simple as well, its more on flour dough form compared to the one
I did last time which is a meringue based dough.
I actually double the recipe which I have regretted, as the dough is so sticky and hard to
work with! I dusted lots of flour on the bench to prevent it from sticking.
Not sure about the recipe, but I think I will use more flour next time,
or maybe my eggs size are larger so the dough is very sticky.
I shape the dough into 2 long stick, should have made it slimmer as it expands in size in the oven.
Yea no more double recipe next time because the dough is too thick, result in the
uncooked centre and hard to cut it into perfect thin slice when its cool.
No problem in slicing using the bread knife but its hard to get perfect and even thin slices,
and it takes long time to be baked into crispy and lightly brownish in the oven.

I also planning to use other fruits and almond next time when I am going to make
this again as it takes up too much time.
Another great lesson for me in making biscotti and will keep on trying
as I think I can sell this in a beautiful glass jar or giving it out as presents for people
during special occasion :)

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