Monday, December 19, 2011

6.5 " Chocolate Mud Cake for Stella's 21st

This order is from one of my friend Jerome that wants to order a birthday cake for his girlfriend 21st birthday.
It is a surprise for her so he requested me to make handcrafted chocolate rose, but not too fancy
look on the cake instead of just happy birthday writing.
And since the cake is chocolate mud cake, so I will do it with gold colour as well
with shinny glaze hehehehehehehehe
Handcrafted chocolate rose with gold dust, do you think my skills
has improved ?????? wakakakakaka
I really like how it looks with the gold dust, just simple elegant
and yea I don't decorate the cake with too many other decorations as
the roses itself will make the cake looks amazing :p
He is happy with the look of the cake, and I hope she will love it too.
I also tied a pink ribbon on the box, I think every girls will love this
so much as it just looks like little gift/surprise that the loves one has prepared for us :)
Hope she will like it and good luck to him :)
Only roses and happy birthday writing on the cake, what do you think ????
Its boxed and ready to be picked up by him ^^

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Darren said...

Looks beautiful, so romantic~~~~~~~~~~~~~