Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Assorted Themes Gumpaste Decorations for my cupcakes

For the upcoming cupcakes order, a dozen of vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
And she is after few themes in a dozen of cupcakes (21st birthday with polar bear + hot pink tulips + graduation).
It alright for as I always wanted to work on my gumpaste decorations with cute designs, so here's a great chance! I made the gumpaste decoration like few weeks earlier before so 
that it has enough time to dry up and allow for the clear glaze spraying.
You know one thing that I am so worry when placing the gumpaste decoration
on the cupcakes is that it will absorb moisture from the cream and humidity in
the fridge then goes soft and spoiled :(
I have never make polar bear before, so I google and get some idea.
I made a 2D one with little ears, eyes and nose pus a bit of pink blush on the cheek to make it
looks cuter :p
Do you think it looks cute???
21st Birthday theme decorations for the cupcakes.
The number doesnt look that pretty as I cut it out by using a knife over a stencil, because my number
cookie cutter is smaller so I have to print out a bigger one and cut it out manually.

Graduation theme with red and green mortarboard and scrolls, what a Christmas feel colour hahahahaha
Actually she want olive green, but yea the closer colour I can make is is, just so match with the nearby Xmas celebration and I think the colour looks good :)

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