Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BBQ Pork Ribs with Rice and Sunny Egg

Got this very delicious and simple recipe from the following website:

This is my first time making bbq pork ribs.
Since I got BBQ sauce so I go and search for the simple recipe
to make pork ribs.

This recipe is very easy, just marinate your pork ribs with the sauce for few hours
then it is ready to be cooked ^^

I pan fried the marinated ribs on a pan over a medium low heat,
I sort of like simmer it over the sauce until the sauce is reduced to
a thick texture. It smells so good, and it definitely taste good too!

Thicken sauce just simple taste so good over the ribs,
the pork ribs has soaked all of the sauce before and after cooking :)
Serve it with bowl of steam rice, I also make a sunny egg because
I think he want something more hahahahahaha

BBQ flavour with a bit of sweet and sour taste, I think this recipe is
also very suitable for poultry or other pork dishes.
The sauce tastes very good for meat dishes and very appetizing
to be eaten, I guess children would really love this dish isnt?
Try out the recipe, it just simply delicious ~~~~~

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