Sunday, December 04, 2011

His 24th Birthday Celebration in Melbourne

The first batch of the party held on 3rd of  DEC 2011.
After a busy morning, finally I come up with simple foods like sandwiches, fruit salad and egg tarts.
Tuna sandwiches & ham and cheese sandwiches.

Fruit salad (kiwi, orange, watermelon and rock melon)
Freshly bakes egg tarts!

Tiramisu with fresh strawberries and chocolate pieces :)
Thank you for his friends that have come over for this birthday celebration - Brendan Tong, Ryan, Derek & Elaine.
Hope you guys enjoy the food and cake^^
As always, his signature smile hahahahahaha
Dessert & alcohol time!
           The tiramisu set up quite nice, I can cut out a slice for everyone perfectly. Creamy texture with hints of rum taste! 

       The second cake I make for him is on the actual date of his birthday 11st of Dec, I wanna give him a surprise with roses theme cake on the night before at 12pm. He is very happy and loves what I have made for him :)

My first roses cake, chocolate cake with pink cream cheese frosting.
I make a round cake with mini square chocolate cakes around piped with
roses as well, again this is my first butter icing rose too! 

He is enjoying the cake, happy birthday to you hubby! May you have a good year and Love you <3

The 3rd celebration and also the last one is on 18th DEC 2011.
This little party is also held at our place for his belated birthday celebration with another batch of friends that wish to celebrate his birthday in later dates.
We ordered nasi lemak and satays from an uncle for the lunch.
Gaming time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thanks to David, Jerome, Peng and Oscar for coming over.
This time, its a chocolate mousse cake that I have made forhim.
You can see its very shinny with simple design.

I am very happy the guys like this cake so much and all of them have 2 slices, the whole cake is finished, can you believe it?
I think is because the mousse is lighter than normal cakes, plus with sponge layer in between will
not give too much burden to our tummy hahahaha

Owh, the pretty boy hahahaha, holding a slice of chocolate mousse cake hehehehehehe.
Look at the mousse and sponge layers :)
Happy birthday to you hubby and hope you like all the cakes I have made  for you :)

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mackyton said...

Woah! I wish I was that talented! I loved all the cakes, I wish I could also taste them. Do you also bake for others? Because it is my daughter’s 16th birthday next month and she love cakes. I have also booked a very pretty event venue Atlanta for her party, please let me know if this possible.