Saturday, December 24, 2011

My first Christmas Log

Its 25th Dec now, Merry Christmas to everyone!
I made my first christmas log early of today,
its a chocolate swiss roll with cream cheese filling and sweetened cherries.
I pipe on the chocolate whipped cream on the swiss roll to make it looks like log,
its the simplest way to do this I guess.

I always want to make a log as my hubby like swiss rolls so much, now I have got a chance to do so hehe
I snap the pictures along with the xmas decorations that I bought today, the mini 

xmas tree and angel in a bulb:)
Its time to decorate after I chill them for few hours in the fridge!!!!!
I put on a xmas tree that made of royal icing and a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" banner hehehe
And of course along with my handcrafted santa claus, gifts and snowman hehehehe
Have you got any christmas presents yet????
Creamy cheese cream with sweetened cherries is rolled into the log:)
I guess chocolate sponge goes very well with cream cheese and cherries, just like black forest cake!
Hope it taste good as I wish, gonna snap some pictures once I cut the log hehehe 

Little santa and snowman handcrafted by me, feel relieve that at least they look like what they are :p

Yeepeeee, dessert time!!!!!!!
Here I cut the log, you can see the cream cheese and the cherries
surrounded by the chocolate sponge and thick chocolate whipped cream :)
It tastes like what I have expected, yummy and my hubby likes it!

Wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and have their wish granted during the new year :)
Hope you enjoy my blog and the pictures.
And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 in advance to all of you :)


Happy Flour said...

Wishing you and your family A Merry X'mas!

Daphne said...

Thanks happy flour, and same to you too :)