Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chilli Bean Pork Ribs with Rice

I bought a jar of chill bean sauce last few weeks, but never have a chance to use it.
In a food channel I heard that cook spare ribs or steam a fish with chilli bean sauce will make a very yummy dish for dinner or lunch.
I am not very good at selecting fish in the market and also preparing it haha so just do it with pork ribs! Maybe I will try to steam it with fish next time hehehe

I found the recipe in :

Feel free to have a look if you want try to cook this dish.

But I do adjust the ingredients when I am making this, I replace the leek with onion.
Instead of black bean I am using chilli bean :)
I marinate the ribs for 2 hours before cooking, I used seasoning 

like salt & pepper, sugar, rice wine, onion flake and soy sauce.
And because this is a spicy dish so I also add like 1 tbsp of sugar so that it taste a bit sweeter
rather than just spicy.

Serve it with steam rice is the best option and I also sprinkle some
toasted white sesame on the ribs before I serve it (optional). Enjoy!

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